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Running Out Of Places To Go

by The Swellers

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released October 16, 2012

Produced by: The Swellers
Engineered by: Nick Diener and Mark Michalik
Recorded at: Nick's house in Saginaw, MI and Mark's house in Chicago, IL
Mastered by: Kim Rosen at Knack Mastering



all rights reserved


The Swellers Flint, Michigan

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Track Name: Hands
Mourning dove, I think you're out of luck. You know that putting the card face down is part of the game. It feels like love and it fits like a glove, but when you cut off all of the fingers, it's not the same. Wait for a better hand to play. Oh, I'm tired of waiting for something to shake. We're better than this. Oh, I'm tired of writing for you to relate. We're better than this. If I'm better than this, why am I still around? The weekend comes like the summer is done. It's a bittersweet reunion for the sour tongues. They say a real man does his own stunts and to measure twice, then jump once. I need to steady my hands if I wanna quit this race. I could blame myself, but I haven't made it yet. Ready, set, hands down.
Track Name: Let Me In
Some days I need to get my mind straight, and gravity's my greatest friend. When the buildings fall down, I'll be standing my ground. I'm not afraid of what you've become. Look into my eyes, there's nowhere left to run. Get up and don't waste my time. I need a place to rest my head. Sometimes I wish someone would rest theirs on me again. So I went to your house, and no one let me in. Losing faith will pay off when I sell my soul to them. I'm kinda scared to think that being on my own is the future set in stone for me, but all that I can see is I'm better off being alone. I'm better off alone. I'm home.
Track Name: Bad For Me
I woke up in this bed alone, but I'm okay, and I'll remember that. This will never keep me down no matter what it weights, and I'll remember that. Did you earn the right to take this sound? Do you want the answer? The answer's way underground. The casket's caving in. I'll let it die with me again. You, you're playing favorites now. It'll never be the same, and I'll remember that. This... yeah, this is moving on and we're the ones to blame. Yeah, I'll remember that. True colors always show. It's in my heart and it's all I know. I gave you my trust. You let me inside. We could both lose ourselves tonight. I'll take you to the top and drop you off. I'll never forget you.
Track Name: Making Waves
I still think it's amazing how much baggage I take in. I used to let things slide. Now I'm sick, it's contagious. Write that shit then erase it. I'm on the other side of enemy lines. So thanks a lot. I'm making waves, and you're not. I'm done taking bad advice if that's fine by you. I hate being so well versed. Hard getting to the chorus. Remember that bridge we burned? I still have trouble getting over it. Now I see it so clearly. Everyone who is near me, they're showing the simple signs of the acquaintance kind. It's not like true friends are so hard to find. Now I can't stand a single word you say. So if the world ends tonight, we're better off that way. You talk shit a lot 'cause I'm making waves and you're not. I'm done taking bad advice if that's fine by you.
Track Name: Running Out Of Places To Go
This is for an audience of one at a time, so I'll sing it straight, I'll sing it loud. Don't keep it a secret, keep it elite. If only all your friends could see me now. How important are the words? In one ear, already forgot 'em. So many metaphors it could sink the fucking ship. I'll see you all at the bottom. If there was a shotgun blast from my bedroom and you were outside the window, would you see a flash, or hear the sound? 'Cause living out our dreams has been killing me. Did you hear it die, or is there no sound when no one else is around? I was running out of places to go. I was running out of reasons to stay away from here again, but it isn't over yet. Was it worth it, then? Well, it sometimes can be. It's hard to see, but I think you're still my friends. I'd miss my bed, but I can't remember how it feels compared to yours or any other but thank you for letting me into your home. I was running out of places to go.